4 Bed Luxurious Residence, Warsaw, Poland

€2.900.000,00 €3.200.000,00

Luxurious property located in Warsaw, bordering the town Michalów-Grabina.
On this area, there are two houses. The first is the residence, to which leads presentable driveway. The second, recreation one is located on the back of the garden.

The area of property includes a plot of 5280 m2 and is located in the buffer zone of the forest. Forest neighbourhood makes that foxes and hares are frequent visitors of the garden and from the terrace you can watch roe deer strolling nearby.

The residence is a large block with an area of about 730 square meters. The ground floor is divided into two zones. The first is a representative, daily space. Opposite the entrance is an elegant living room with a large terrace. From the living room, thanks to hidden walkway, you can get to the office. Not only in the living room, but also in the office and dining room are elegant English fireplaces. The dining room is connected to the kitchen, where are the eye-catching French oven and beautiful stone counter-tops. The second part is a private area, which consists of two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. To each bedroom falls a large dressing room.

The elegant staircase leads to the first floor of a residence. On the top of the common space that was arranged as a large sitting room with a terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the garden and the forest. There is also a separate space for one member of the household, which consists of a living room, bedroom, work space and a bathroom, which borders the living room. On the first floor, there is located also a second bedroom with a balcony and the associated bathroom and a cinema room with a high quality home cinema system.

The residence is made of high quality materials. Carefully selected stone from Italian Carrara was completed according to the needs of the property for over a year. This resulted in the usage of materials such as marble, granite, travertine, onyx and labradorite. In the interior there were also used natural materials. The floors are made of natural oak and stone. What is important, all stone floors are heated. Windows throughout the house are wooden and stucco that are interior parts - are made from plaster. Most of the furniture was made to order. In the residence is used system of intelligent home management. Safety is supervised by 10 cameras and an extensive alarm system. In the body of the building, there is a garage for three cars and an apartment for the housekeeper.

On the back of the garden, next to the swimming pond, there is a Finnish house by Honka company, built from logs. The house, which covers an area of about 170 square meters, serves as recreational and hospitality. The first floor of the house has guest rooms, while the ground floor is a living room with a kitchen, a terrace and part of the spa. In the spa, there is a dry sauna, wet sauna, shower with a small bucket for watering, a Jacuzzi tub and a relaxation room with two waterbeds.

An additional advantage of this luxurious residence, is the perfect location. Access to the city centre by car takes 20 minutes, 10 minutes to the North Bridge and 10 minutes to Zegrzynski Bay.

The entire property has been carefully designed, and the location of the plot was chosen with full awareness of its strengths. Materials used to finish the luxurious interior were high-quality and chosen with special care. Careful reflection of these choices may be a wine cellar, which the owners were make up for years. Carefully selected, top quality vines from around the world, owners' passion for composing and professional storage make harmony, which fills with the entire property.